Next release in Galaverna by Vacuamœnia

The next release in Galaverna, set for the 21st of september, is credited to Fabio R. Lattuca and Pietro Bonanno, founders of Vacuamœnia project [], whose work aims at explore the abandoned villages built to populate rural areas in Sicily (Italy) during the Fascist period.

Schirò village church

The authors declare about their work, especially made for Galaverna: <<Starting from the church of Borgo Schirò, Vacuamoenia intends to create a soundscape composition as a representation of a landscape, that is at the same time of a non-real place, in which can converge the dynamic, morphological and physical characteristics of the site and the creative processes of the “digital world” and the perceptions of the listener / composer>>.

@c “RE:Barsento” out now

So proud to announce the release of “RE:Barsento”, the new amazing contribution by @c (Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais) specifically made for Galaverna. Click on the image below to go to the release page.

Next release in Galaverna: @c “RE:Barsento”

The next release coming on Galaverna is from our favourite musicians Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais, here again as @c with a new amazing soundscape track composed in Barsento during the artistic residency *Barsento Mediascape*, promoted by Interferenze, in June 2013, and premiered at Teatro Rossini in Gioia del Colle on the 22nd. The present version of the song was mixed and mastered in Porto in 2014.

Photo by Aurelio Cianciotta.

Next release in Galaverna: Pietro Riparbelli “Sacred Architecture – Benevento”

The next Galaverna release will feature music – and other multimedia contents – from Pietro Riparbelli. 

Pietro Riparbelli, is a graduated philosopher and multi-media artist based in Livorno (Tuscany), has seen his works published by Touch, Radical Matters Ed/Label, Cold Spring, Gruenrekorder amongst numerous others. He has performed live at a wide array of festivals and art events, most notably at Equinox Festival (London) and the Fundació Tàpies (Barcelona). He is a curator/executive producer of the independent music label Radical Matters – Editions Label with the new series “Metasound” to investigate the dimension between music and contemporary art.  For more infos please see at

Pietro Riparbelli

“Sacred Architecture – Benevento” has been composed with field recordings made in three churches in Benevento (Chiesa dell’Annunziata, Chiesa di Santa Sofia, Duomo) carried out on March 2013. This work is the final step of a workshop held within the “Suonabene” project curated by Leandro Pisano.

Enrico Ascoli’s release postponed to January 21st, 2014

Due to the complexity of some multimedia materials relating to the work of Enrico Ascoli, the release scheduled for December 21st, 2013 has been postponed to January 21st, 2014, inaugurating a new year of extraordinary Galaverna events.

Happy holidays from the staff, Enrico, Leandro, Lorenzo and Gaia.