Dodici Fernando Godoy

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date:  21 mar 2017
time: 13:52

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Dodici Chilean-based sound artist Fernando Godoy uses diverse media to research sound as a social and natural phenomena, being interested in the relationship between aural experience and territory.

Through his practice, focused on field recordings, DIY technologies, electronics, sound installations, sound performances, radio works, web projects and experimental composition, Godoy deals with many topics related with social spaces and communities.

As twenty-first release of the Galaverna catalogue, “Dodici” is an album based on field recordings taken during the Liminaria sound art residency that took place in July 2016. It draws on candid conversations, manipulated sounds, voices and noises from the village of Montefalcone di Valfortore. “Dodici” is a work presented for the first time during Liminaria exhibition as an installation, in which sounds of the bells have been transduced into two antique copper pots, while in a family dish a series of stories, chants and poetry were transduced giving to the human voice a metallic tonality. Also in the family dish, there was transduction of sounds recorded during the preparation of different dishes that were cooked in a series of houses.

All these sounds merge into a fourteen minutes voyage between past and present, in which different elements emerge: old and new traditions, the importance of giving back to the local community that has welcomed him and the complexity of village transformation.

“Dodici” appears definitely as a delicate and dense composition, a fascinating soundscape floating between different times and imaginative and physical spaces that invites the listener to make experience of an hybrid and evocative environment and to question his/her relationship with rural territory in the contemporary age.

Note from the artist Dodici is a stereo version of an installation that was presented in the rural village of Ginestra, Southern Italy, during the Liminaria Festival 2016.  
The work was born during a double residence (in the rural areas of Pollinaria and Montefalcone) where a project of sound recording of the kitchens of rural families was developed. There were recorded preparations, interviews and stories, including poems and old songs that talked about food. In addition, during the period of residence in Montefalcone, recordings of the sound of the bell were made, due to the importance of this sonority in the town as also because some stories linked the bell with the daily rituals of feeding.
 This resulted in an installation in a dark room, which used an old furniture provided by a Montefalconese lady, including a table, a chair, a lamp, a metal plate and two copper pots. The installation generated a listening experience from the use of transducers on a plate and the pots, where the metallic "speakers" reproduced a three-channel version of the audio that constitutes this publication.
Dodici es una versión estereofónica de una instalación que fue presentada en el poblado rural de Ginestra, al sur de Italia, durante el Festival Liminaria 2016.
La obra nace durante una doble residencia (en las zonas rurales de Pollinaria y Montefalcone) en que se desarrolló un proyecto de registro sonoro de las cocinas de familias rurales. Allí fueron registradas preparaciones, entrevistas y relatos, incluyendo poemas y antiguas canciones que hablaban de la comida. Además, durante el periodo de residencia en Moltefalcone, se realizaron registros del sonido de la campana, debido a la importancia de esta sonoridad en el pueblo como también por que algunos relatos vinculaban la campana con los rituales cotidianos de alimentación.
Esto derivó en una instalación en una sala a oscuras, que utilizó un antiguo mobiliario prestado por una señora montefalconense que incluía una mesa, una silla, una lampara, un plato metálico y dos ollas de cobre. Esta instalación generaban una experiencia de escucha a partir del uso de transductores sobre un plato y las ollas, donde estos "parlantes" metálicos reproducían una versión a tres canales del audio que constituye esta publicación.

Sound artist and producer based in the city of Valparaíso. 
His work is focused on sound research and listening as cultural and physical phenomena. His pieces include site specific works as well as performances, installations, radio works and web projects. His work has been presented in Chile, Peru, Canada, Estonia, Italy, Germany and Australia.

He is currently the director of Tsonami Sound Art Festival, co-editor Aural sound art magazine, artistic director of Tsonami Radio and editor of the platform.


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Fernando Godoy’s “Dodici” amplifies the smallness of how one lives in a space, giving an aural snapshot of what it means to be content with life. The strange Zen of the recording is undeniable. Within the piece, Fernando Godoy looks for the truth held deep within sound. Over the course of the piece the way that the sound evolves feels right, honest, and direct with the listener. Microscopic in nature, the piece delves more than in the mere textures of sound, for a few moments bloom into outright understated bliss with improvised singing and chanting occurring at irregular times. The piece begins with a serene ringing. From there the sound moves on to a more human approach. A soliloquy begins one which seemingly roots the entirety of the sound. Right in the distance there is a snippet of machinery whirring with great effect in the background. Upon finishing with their soliloquy Fernando Godoy focuses on boiling, with the small sounds that it brings makes it feel real. Bubbling works wonders in creating color for the piece. Once this a group of individuals sing together out of happiness. Such a seemingly random occurrence gives the piece a kind of rare celebratory spirit. Rings punctuate and eventually overwhelm their singing. Upon the final moments of the sound a soothing resonant voice speaks deliberately with all else edited out. Downright serene, Fernando Godoy chooses the path less traveled on the bright brilliant and sunny sound of “Dodici”.