“A Futurist’s Cookbook” on ACL 2018 ~ Top Ten Field Recording & Soundscape

We are really happy “A Futurist’s Cookbook” by Philip Samartzis & Daniela d’Arielli appears on A Closer Listen top ten Field Recording & Soundscape releases.

“Field recordings can be incredibly serious, but they can also be incredibly fun. This is the case with A Futurist’s Cookbook, which plunges happily into the life of a farm, highlighting cows, grain, machines and noodles. The photos that accompany the release are a huge part of the appeal: clean, evocative and educational, they portray the agricultural industry in a positive light. The Pollinara farm must have been overjoyed at the result; as Samartzis writes, “only a futurist meal can lift spirits.”

Thanks to Richard Allen and to the whole staff at ACL.