Next release in Galaverna by Emanuele Magni

We are so pleased to announce that the next Galaverna release will be featuring the sound artist Emanuele Magni.

Emanuele Magni is an engineer and electronic musician from Lecco. His musical environment ranges from electronics to noise, embracing acoustic ecology and field recording practices. He develops an attitude that enhances the sound as a bearer of meanings in itself. He is also the curator of the net-label Grottarecords.

“Piàn di Resnèi” is a recording captured in Pian dei Resinelli – Lecco (Piàn di Resnèi in local dialect), a plateau at an average elevation of about 1200 metres, in february 2017. Emanuele captures recordings of places looking for two main characteristics: a pleasant acoustic and a balanced overlapping of sounds: that’s what he found in that place in a winter day.